Commission image types and prices.
>Any type of artwork not covered here may be asked about with me!

Pixel Art (Static)

This includes Emojis/Social Media Icons. Any size over 256px per base must be negotiated with. Tilesets have separated prices.

SizeCharacter limitCan have BG?Price (Normal)Price (w/BG)
32px and under1NoUS$10N/A
SizePrice (Single)Price (Pack of 5)Price (Pack of 10)
Twitch Badge (18px)US$5US$20US$40
Twitch Emote (28px)US$6US$24US$48
Discord Emote (32px)US$10US$35US$60

Pixel Art (Faux pc98)

16 colors or less, with or without textboxes

Size typeTextbox extra (fancy)Price (Standard Detail)Price (Anime-detail)Extra Images
320 x 240 (Standard)US$2US$36US$30US$20
320 x 320 (Square)US$5US$40US$32US$20
640 x 400 (Large)US$2US$60US$54US$25

Pixel Art (Animated)

This includes Emojis/Social Media Icons/RPG Maker/Game assets.
Sizes over 256px by base must be negotiated with.
The prices go per frame of animation.

SizeCharacter limitCan have BG?Base PriceFrame Price (Normal)Frame Price (w/BG)
32px and under1NoUS$10US$1 per frameN/A
48px1NoUS$15US$2 per frameN/A
64-128px1-4NoUS$20US$4 per frameN/A
256px1-8YesUS$40US$8 per frameUS$12 per frame

OFF/Unload style artwork

Does NOT include facesets/overworld sprites. Look above for the prices for those.

TypeBase Price
OFF (Spectre)US$5
OFF (Battler)US$7
OFF (Boss)US$8
Unload (Enemy/Fauna)US$10
Unload (Boss)US$16
Unload (Battler)US$25


This does not include icons/emoticons/banners/character design as they have a separate category of their own.

TypeCan have BG?Price (Up to 3 characters)Price (w/BG)Price [6 color palette, no BG]Price (per extra character)Price (Icon)
Normal (Marker Shading)Only PatternedUS$40-US$25US$10US$18
Retro Anime ScreenYesUS$40US$45US$25US$10US$25

Price (Single)Price (Pack of 6)Price (Pack of 10)

Painted Art

TypeCan have BG?Price (up to 3 characters)Price (w/BG)Price (per extra character)Price (Icon)


>Please DM me about any possible graphic/NSFW content you want me to make.
>I have the right to refuse commissions from the get-go such as no porn/fetish art involving underage characters/other people's personas.
>Payments are in money only.
>The commissioner must pay first before I make the image.
>You are NOT authorized to sell my art in NFT spaces nor tokenize my art unless I give explicit permission to.
>I do make LGBT pride icons. They cost the same as regular icons.>You are free to upload the commissioned art as long as I am credited.
>You are free to use the art as commercial as long as I am credited. If the image is not pixel art, there shall be an extra tax, negotiated between me and the buyer.
>Reference pictures are preferrable.
>You may contact me for progress on the artwork.